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Why work here?

1. Freedom

You are authorized to make your own decisions and bring your whole self to work.

2. Ability to grow

We provide unbelievable opportunities to grow and develop so you can achieve your personal and professional aspirations.

Be part of something greater than yourself

We are more than just a trekking company. We combine innovative business ideas and social responsibility to transcend trekking and ultimately change people's lives, including yours.


We are an Indian company, locating offices in all corners of our big beautiful India. Your employee experience is at the heart of everything we do and we create opportunities for meaningful connections with the global community also.

Need more reasons to work here?
1. Access to growth and development opportunities
2. A talented team of staff
3. Unique & inspiring workspaces
4. Chances to work with other leaders in the trekking industry space

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Basic mountaineering course with A grade
Advance Mountaineering Course with A grade
Method of Instruction Course
Rescue Course

Not looking for your career? Book your next trek!

Why trekkaro?

We’ve been the leaders in providing Free Trekking Gear (FTG) on treks for more than 5 years. How’d we get here? By redefining the way, everyone must trek. Check out how we’re creating the future of trekking around the globe.

Free Trekking Gear

Join the World's Only Free Trekking Gear Company where trekkers do not need to buy/rent expensive gear as we provide Decathlon Trek 100 Shoes, Jackets (-10 degrees), poles, Gaiters, and Microspikes free to use.

Free Cancellation Policies

Join the world of trekking with free cancellation policies. If a trekker wishes to cancel a trek with zero cancellation charges, we provide a TrekCash Voucher of 100% amount paid by the trekker with 2-year validity.

Real Reviews

We have a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook which is the highest trekking rating in India with hundreds of reviews and we don’t write fake reviews on our website.

Book & Trek With Confidence

We always help keep you safe from the moment you book to the moment you (reluctantly) head home.

Flexibility, freedom, fun

No matter the trek difficulty, our treks balance well-planned itineraries with the flexibility to do your own thing and make the experience your own.

Trekkaro Means Trust

When you trek with us, you experience first-hand our commitment to making the trek a force for good in everything we do.