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At Trekkaro, we provide all our trekkers with all the essential trekking gears free of charge! Get to your base camp and your personalized trekking gears are ready!

India has seen a sharp increase in the number of trekkers to the Himalayas in the last few years. Most of the trekkers are not professional and prefer to go on short trails for a new experience, trekking jacket, shoes and poles would be a financially expensive adventure for the new lads. To encourage these people, Trekkaro is providing these facilities for free!

All the essential stuff that we provide (shoes, jackets, trekking poles, gaiters and crampons) comes from Decathlon, Trekkaro maintains ultra-high standards of the quality of the trekking gears, so, we choose the safest and the best brands in the industry for our clients. We are committed to provide our clients trekking gears in a good condition, that is why after every use, trekking gears go through a quality control check to ensure safety and hygiene.

While most of the trekking companies in India ask trekkers to arrange their own trekking gears and a very few of them provide trekking gears on rent, that too at a bulky price of 1500+ Rs. per trail, for small trails it could be 20-25% of the entire cost!! So, we decided to provide with Free Trekking Gears (FTG) to all our trekkers at all the trails.

We make things simple, easier and efficient for our clients, just give us your shoe size and the jacket size at the time of the booking and your trekking gears would be ready at the base camp! that might be easier than you thought!!

Here are some images of the customized jackets and other stuff that we provide to our clients.

Quechua Trek 100
Quechua Trek 100 (Female)
Quechua SH500
Quechua SH500 (Female)
Quechua Trek 100
Quechua Trek 100 (Male)
Quechua SH100
Quechua SH100 (Male)
Trekking Pole
Trekking Pole

Why trekkaro?

We’ve been the leaders in providing Free Trekking Gear (FTG) on treks for more than 5 years. How’d we get here? By redefining the way, everyone must trek. Check out how we’re creating the future of trekking around the globe.

Free Trekking Gear

Join the World's Only Free Trekking Gear Company where trekkers do not need to buy/rent expensive gear as we provide Decathlon Trek 100 Shoes, Jackets (-10 degrees), poles, Gaiters, and Microspikes free to use.

Free Cancellation Policies

Join the world of trekking with free cancellation policies. If a trekker wishes to cancel a trek with zero cancellation charges, we provide a TrekCash Voucher of 100% amount paid by the trekker with lifetime validity.

Real Reviews

We have a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook which is the highest trekking rating in India with hundreds of reviews and we don’t write fake reviews on our website.

Book & Trek With Confidence

We always help keep you safe from the moment you book to the moment you (reluctantly) head home.

Flexibility, freedom, fun

No matter the trek difficulty, our treks balance well-planned itineraries with the flexibility to do your own thing and make the experience your own.

Trekkaro Means Trust

When you trek with us, you experience first-hand our commitment to making the trek a force for good in everything we do.