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Take Photographs, Leave Footprints (Must Read)

Published on 25 July, 2022

Hiking is the best way to be immersed in the stunning wilderness. Nature can be very delicate so it is really important to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Here is our Hiking Trekkaro guide to backcountry etiquette and minimizing your impact on the environment while enjoying the wilderness.

Carry Out Your Rubbish
Do not leave any waste behind when in the wilderness, instead carry it all out. Do not burn plastic waste, as some types will create ozone-harming gases. Littering is unattractive, can be harmful to wildlife and can increase vermin and diseases.

Bury Toilet Waste
If there are toilet facilities available nearby then use them, if not, bury your toilet waste in a shallow hole well away from waterways, treks, campsites, and huts.

In some areas, there are fire bans in summer so bring along portable fuel stoves instead. If you use fire then keep it small and only use dead wood. After utilizing fire, make sure the fire is properly out by wetting the ashes, then checking nothing is left smoldering. If you haven't used any already established fireplace then remove rocks and other traces of the fire before leaving.

Do Not Pollute The Lakes And Streams
While cleaning and washing, take the water and wash well away from the water source, this way the used water drains into the soil which acts as a filter. If you suspect a water source may be contaminated then boil it for at least five minutes, or else treat it chemically or with a special filter before drinking it.

Camp Carefully
When leaving your camp make sure there is no trace left behind of your stay.

Follow The Trek
Keep to the trek where one exists as this prevents damaging fragile plants.

Protect Plants And Animals
It is illegal to kill endangered species (creatures only found in India) and to remove plants from National Parks. Treat India's native forests and animal life with care and respect.

Respect Our Cultural Heritage
Treat all places that have spiritual or historical significance with care and respect.

Have Consideration For Others
Many people visit India's wilderness and backcountry areas. Be considerate and respectful to other visitors who also have a right to enjoy these areas. This is especially when using huts and camping areas as nobody has an exclusive right to them. You must always be prepared to make room for others as well.

Enjoy your visit into the wilderness and remember to have a last look before leaving an area.

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